Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review - RED

Mini review today:

Ex-CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is RED; retired and extremely dangerous. He passes his days trying to grow an avocado plant and flirting with a receptionist in Kansas City over the phone. When it becomes apparent in a not-so-subtle way that someone really wants him dead, he must rescue his spunky love interest and touch base with some old friends in order to find out who's behind it.

There's nothing here that hasn't been done before in dozens of madcap espionage action/thriller/comedies, and RED hardly makes an effort to improve. It draws a little too much attention to its attempts at been funny, only a few of which succeed. The action doesn't have much spark and the whole movie is edited a bit arhythmically. The best part is John Malkovich's droll performance as an old cohort of Moses who is hilariously paranoid (often rightfully so!).

** out of ****

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