Sunday, October 3, 2010

Predictions - October 2010

At long last, updates:

-The Tree of Life & The Way Back have been removed from every category. In Best Picture, they (along with Conviction) have been replaced with Made in Dagenham, Rabbit Hole, & 127 Hours.
In Best Director, they've been replaced by Danny Boyle (127 Hours) & Tom Hooper (The King's Speeck).
In Best Film Editing, they've been replaced by 127 Hours & The King's Speech.
In Best Cinematography, they've replaced by 127 Hours & Black Swan.
-In the Acting categories, James Franco moves into Best Actor, Nicole Kidman & Natalie Portman move into Best Actress, Andrew Garfield moves into Best Supporting Actor, and Melissa Leo & Miranda Richardson move into Best Supporting Actress.
-Made in Dagenham & The Fighter jump into the Original Screenplay hunt, while 127 Hours & Winter's Bone join Adapted Screenplay. Be aware: The Social Network may be classified as Original by the Academy, as the screenplay was not actually based on the book.
-In Best Art Direction and Costume design respectively, The Tree of Life & The Conspirator make way for Secretariat & True Grit, and Secretariat & Get Low.
-Never Let Me Go joins Original Score. Toy Story 3 & Country Strong join Original Song.
-Taking a chance on The Town getting into Sound Mixing. Added 127 Hours as well.
-Some early Foreign Language Film predictions are in place now that official submissions are almost complete.

The main point here is that 127 Hours looks like an across-the-board contender. There's also a chance The Way Back may be getting that one-week qualifying run, but I'm still keeping it off for the time being. We'll see where it sits in a month's time.


Movie Review Lover said...

I noticed you removed Amy Adams from the Supporting Actress category. Wondering why you did that. I kept her in my predictions.

The Oscar Nazi said...

Call it a momentary hunch. She may be back in my next update.