Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Disney ditches Annies

This tidbit has been floating around for about a day, but I thought it was worth commenting on here.

Anyone who's a fan of Pixar's WALL-E (the best film of 2008 in this Nazi's humble opinion) will recall having their eyebrows swiftly raised by the news that Dreamworks' forgettable Kung Fu Panda had swept the Annie Awards that year.

This Variety story sheds some retrospective light on the matter, and sure enough, our suspicions prove true. It turns out that membership in ASIFA-Hollywood (the L.A. branch of l'Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) can be bought and paid for, and that Dreamworks gladly gives membership to each new employee as a "welcome gift", skewing the voter breakdown in their favour.

Disney clamoured for rule changes, which they finally received recently (changes that limit votership on individual achievement categories to more professional minds), but that apparently wasn't enough to satisfy the Mouse House, so they've gracefully declined to participate in the annual awards. Disney films can still be written in by voters, but will not be officially submitted for consideration by the studio, which leads me to believe the Annies will be light on the Disney love this year.

Good, I say. My hot-headed reaction to the Kung Fu Panda fiasco was that this should happen immediately, but I suppose it was wiser to try and first pioneer some change for the better, before giving ASIFA the finger.

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