Thursday, July 1, 2010

Predictions - July 2010

Obviously not a lot as come out to shake things up since Cannes wrapped up in May, so my predictions are staying mostly the same.

There is one notable exception: Toy Story 3, which could/should follow in the footsteps of last year's Up. I've added it to Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay (it's based on previously created characters), but I've removed it from Original Song as end credit tunes are usually dismissed by the music branch. Now it's been discussed in some corners that the film could actually win the big prize, but let's not lose our heads. To win without nominations for Acting, Directing, or Editing would be just about impossible. But at least the nomination for Best Picture seems reasonable.

Some additional minor changes:

-Annette Bening replaces Julianne Moore as the representative Lead Actress from The Kids Are All Right. Some folks claim she has the more awards-friendly role.
-Having now seen Bob Richardson's work on Shutter Island, I can believe the cinematographers may nominate him despite the film's critical walloping.
-I've added a handful of hopefuls for Best Documentary. These are just a few early contenders that have enjoyed positive festival reactions. We'll have to wait until the Academy releases a shortlist before making any serious guesses.

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