Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Films of the Decade - #25: Amelie (2001)

An utter delight from start to finish, Amelie follows the daily hijinx of our title heroine (played by the adorable nymph Audrey Tautou), whose life mission is to anonymously spread happiness to complete strangers. But at what cost? For Amelie is not happy herself, forcing us to question the old belief that happiness comes from making others happy. Is it true? The ending will tell you which side of this philosophical debate that writer/director Jean-Pierre Jeunet supports. Inspired by filmmakers like Francois Truffaut, Luis Bunuel, and even Woody Allen, Jeunet loosely borrows his narrative style from the New Wave movement of the 60's and 70's, but his film distinctly stands apart from those of his trailblazing predecessors, as it is visually more splendid, and his attitude is decidedly less cynical. Bright, colourful, romantic, and rich in humour, Amelie is a film you'll love even more than you admire.

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