Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best Films of the Decade - #27: The Dark Knight (2008)

Under the careful direction of Chris Nolan and his epic script (co-written by brother Jonathan), The Dark Knight is less a superhero movie than it is a Shakespearean tragedy that happens to star popular comic book characters. Worthy of the attention he received is Heath Ledger, whose portrayal of The Joker will echo throughout history as one of the great film villains of all time. Equal to the task (though in a less flashy role) is Christian Bale, who reveals a vulnerability and moral conflict never before seen in Batman. The film features an impeccable supporting cast (including Aaron Eckhart and an excellent Gary Oldman) and revolutionary IMAX photography from DP Wally Pfister. Despite the lengthy runtime and divisive ending, this will likely stand for decades to come as the single greatest superhero movie ever made.


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