Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Films of the Decade - #31: Big Fish (2003)

Though known for his trademark gothic style and macabre sense of humour, one of Tim Burton's best films to date is this poignant drama-fantasy hybrid about a young man searching for clarity about his dying father's past.

Told through mesmerizing magic realism, we get to glimpse the history of the father (wonderfully portrayed by Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney) in the tall tales with which he regales his impatient son. But it's only by the end that the son realizes that sometimes a bizarre exaggeration can be more truthful than the straight truth.
The colour palette is decidedly brighter than any of Burton's other films, proving that he is an apt visual craftsman with more than just dark monochromaticism. Danny Elfman contributes a beautiful score.


Amir said...

finally someone who appreciates this movie as much as i do.
i never understand why no one mentioned this film at all when the best of the decades where coming out.
it's my second most favorite burton after 'edward scissorhands'

The Oscar Nazi said...

It's probably Burton's most underrated film. I don't know why it's so maligned.

"Scissorhands", indeed, remains his greatest. said...

Hey, have you heard about the Big Fish musical?