Friday, May 7, 2010

34 Best Films of the Decade

A tight summer schedule will prevent me from blogging with the sort of regularity I should like, but in order to establish some routine, I'll finally be releasing my "Best of the Decade" list. I know it seems late, but I didn't want to cram mine in with all the other ones flooding the Internet last December. I like to take my time.

Each Sunday for the rest of the year, I will be revealing my 34 favourite films of the 2000s (subject to perpetual change, of course) one at a time.

Perhaps at the end of the year, I'll even put together my own Oscar ballot encompassing the whole decade. I've always believed the Oscars should only be held once every ten years or so. Time is the true test of a great film. Maybe it would prevent mistakes like Crash. Then again, it sure would be an awful loooong ten years for freaks like me who live and breathe the Academy Awards. A single year is long enough as it is!

Look out for my 34th favourite film of the 2000s on Sunday.

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