Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar drinking games

Tomorrow night's show could turn out to be a disaster in many different ways; Inglourious Basterds could sweep, The Hurt Locker could get shut out, my predictions could be completely off, and this is to say nothing of the show itself which I have suspected to be atrocious for the last several weeks.

Suffice to say, a bit of liquid courage could go a long way on what will surely be a long night of nail-biting leading up to the most climactic Best Picture announcement in years.

Some drinking game suggestions:

Hurt Locker beer bomb: Pretty self-explanitory; a simple chugging contest for all the millions of viewers who will begin to lose their patience when this Iraq war movie they've never heard of starts winning awards they just knew would be won by their precious Avatar.

Shot per category: Running an Oscar pool at your party? Make it more interesting! For every category someone guesses correctly, they must take a shot of their preferred poison. To the winner go the spoils, and to the losers, they get to enjoy the winner's drunken victory dance. Plus it's less cruel than forcing people to drink for every category they get wrong.

Getting played off: For every speech that goes over the time limit, make note of how long the music is playing before they stop talking, then take an extended "sip" of your beverage for at least that amount of time (just pray that we don't have a Halle Berry moment!).

Jack attack: Every random cut to Jack Nicholson requires a shot. This isn't really a game, more of a necessity.

Have fun on Oscar night, but drink responsibly, because I'll be drinking irresponsibly enough for all of us!


Amir said...

it's funny how much i like your blog and how much i love Basterds and neither ever gets in the way of the other. haha

loved the games though.
you're totally right about the Avatar fans who "just know" Avatar's gonna win.
Now THAT's a movie i hope gets shut out of best picture and director and cinematography.

Michael Stypulkoski said...

Great suggestions, especially the Jack Attack. I'm a huge Avatar fan, but don't count me among those who "just know" it will win (well, we all expect it to sweep the technical awards, but that isn't what we're talking about). I strongly believe Cameron should win for Director, but fully expect Bigelow to win, and I'm fine with that. As for Best Picture, I'm in the "anything but The Blind Side" camp. My ballot would read Avatar, A Serious Man, Inglourious Basterds, Up, An Education, District 9, Up in the Air, The Hurt Locker, Precious, The Blind Side. Numbers four through nine have fluctuated quite a bit, though, and I may well feel differently by tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Well, there was no Jack attack. The camera didn't focus on Nicholson once! But it was a very funny post...