Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Category at a Time: Best Visual Effects

What more can be said?

Joe Letteri and the scores of artists and technicians under his command at WETA Digital have delivered the biggest achievement in visual effects of the decade; an incredible fantasy planet filled with unbelievable yet convincing sights, and more importantly, characters. No one will argue when they take home the gold on Oscar night.

Kudos as well to the hard-working effects crews of District 9 and Star Trek, but they had better get comfortable on Oscar night. No chance they'll be getting up to take the stage.

Will/should win: Avatar


Anonymous said...

This is the most obvious award of the night and the only one of which we can be 100% sure. And a more than deserved award.

Amir said...

you know, i was thinking about this a while ago.
if Avatar wasn't in the race this year, what movie do you think would win this?
District 9? Star Trek? would Transformers have a shot at a nomination? or Harry Potter?

The Oscar Nazi said...

My guess would be District 9 by virtue of the fact it's a Best Picture nominee.
The fact of the matter is most voters simply choose whichever film they liked the best (or disliked the least as the case may be). Plus, it would be a way for them to throw the District 9 a bone to atone for the make-up snub and because it won't win anywhere else.
I imagine Transformers would have been the third nominee.