Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Category at a Time: Best Actress

The Oscar season is all about momentum. Carey Mulligan started out the year with strong buzz that eventually dissipated. Meryl Streep picked up the pace in December with a rash of deserved critics awards. But the winner is always the person of the moment, and January was dominated by Sandra Bullock. The tie with Streep at the Critics' Choice Awards was key, as was her expected Golden Globe (Drama) win. The tide officially turned in her favour at the SAG Awards, and the Best Picture nomination for The Blind Side clinched it. All she needed was a little momentum going for her, and that's what she got going for her. In fact, that's all that she's got going for her, because she sure doesn't have an awards-worthy performance going for her. I can believe that she's gracious, charming, and well-liked, but it should take more than that to win Oscar (but we all know that it doesn't).

Bad luck I guess for Carey Mulligan, Gabourey Sidibe, and Meryl Streep, all of whom gave vastly superior performances in better films. Why the Academy feels the need to award The Blind Side is beyond me.

Will win: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Should win: Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia


Amir said...

i think the best picture nomination for the blind side, and the best actress win for sandra bullock will go down as some of the worst decisions the academy has ever made in the history.
they only need a few years time to end up laughing at themselves.
especially because not only carey, gabby and meryl streep all gave superior performances as you put it, but there are also several performances that deserve to take sandra's place even for the nomination. abbie cornish and tilda swinton come to mind before anything.

The Oscar Nazi said...

Swinton and Cornish are exactly the two who I want to be here. I'm unsurprised by Swinton's absence, but the way Cornish faded so quickly after the release of the film is one of this season's biggest disappointments for me.

Amir said...

i know. tilda swinton's film, and her own character in real life is not the type that would win people's attention. to be honest, i'm STILL surprised how she won for michael clayton. (not that she didn't deserve it)
abbie's absence however, is completely beyond me.
why was that gorgeous movie ignored all together?
i expected them to be noticed for cinematography and art direction as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. If Bullock wins for that awfull movie (at least in my view) it will be one of the worst decisions ever made by the academy. Streep is by far more deserving, but it's her 16th nomination and she is not going to win.

The Oscar Nazi said...

why was that gorgeous movie ignored all together?

Probably because the beauty was so subtle and the passion so understated.