Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More depressing telecast news keeps pouring in.

From Deadline Hollywood, we learn that the performances of the five Best Original Song nominees have been dumped from the show in the interest of ratings. Claims from producer / choreographer Adam Shankman that the nominees are terrible (not the case this year) have lead to this tasteless decision that robs the artists of their hard-earned moment in the spotlight as well as robs the show of what was always a nice breath of variety amidst the endless parade of presenters looking to steal some attention for themselves. But Shankman doesn't have a problem with a dance number featuring former contestants from So You Think You Can Dance?, on which he is a judge and choreographer?

Seriously, I dread this show more and more with every new bit of info they release. They're pandering to the masses at the expense of those who are actually interested in the show and the movies. Last year's Oscarcast was a treat, highlighting the film-making process and giving all nominees their proper respect. This year's show sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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