Sunday, February 28, 2010

CAS, ASC winners!

Cinema Audio Society: The Hurt Locker

Nice call. While Avatar is still my favourite of the Sound Mixing field, The Hurt Locker is a very close second. Either of them would be perfectly deserving of the Oscar, but continued guild support for the Bigelow's film helps to shore up its Best Picture chances. For that, I'm happy.

But this Oscar category is now a coin toss. For a couple of weeks I've been suspecting that The Hurt Locker stood a better shot here than I initially assumed. The Sound Mixing/Editing split between Slumdog Millionaire and The Dark Knight last year set the precedent for two films nominated in both categories to share the awards. Avatar remains safe in Sound Editing, but I may have to revise my Mixing prediction to The Hurt Locker. We'll see.

American Society of Cinematographers: The White Ribbon
Oh, hell no! Christian Berger's precursor success is quickly becoming one of my biggest pet peeves of the season, and it will certainly claim that title if he wins the Oscar next week. How in the hell does this film's black-and-whiteness make it the best cinematography of the year? I just don't get it.

Best Cinematography has suddenly become a four-horse race; Avatar has the Critics' Choice, The Hurt Locker has the BAFTA, The White Ribbon has the ASC, and Inglourious Basterds has the more traditional look of a film that wins here. Any of them could conceivably win. I'm gonna stick to my guns and say Avatar because it's certainly more widely-seen than The White Ribbon, but seriously, look out for Inglourious Basterds. If ever there was a surprise waiting to happen on Oscar night, this is it.

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Amir said...

i'm actually really excited for the cinematography race. not because i like all four nominees, but because i enjoy not knowing who the winner is. how it basically should be in every category. it's much more interesting to have a four horse race in my opinion than have a pre-determined winner.

however, i think you're right. avatar is still my prediction as well. i think any other winner would be considered a surprise.