Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on the PGA lineup

The presence of three hit science fictions is an encouraging sign. For weeks now there has been growing speculation that the long-perceived lock Nine was in danger of losing its spot, and its absence from the nominees list seems to vindicate that. The question is, what replaces it? Does this free up space for a second fantasy blockbuster (District 9 or Star Trek), or a smaller independent effort (The Messenger or A Single Man), or more of the typical Academy fare? I might rule out the latter option, because if AMPAS really is gonna continue awarding the same old films they always have, Nine's spot should still be secure. I'm skeptical that they'll want more than one blockbusting sci-fi adventure in their "prestigious" Best Picture lineup, so I think the recession of Nine as a contender best serves quality independent films. I'm hoping for a Messenger nod, or better yet, (500) Days of Summer.

As for those who feel Up's unprecedented nomination for an animated film in the main category secures its spot on Oscar's list, I'm just not buying it. The bias is just too big a factor, and I pray that I'm proven wrong. It does, at least, lock Jonas Rivera's win in the Animated Feature category.

As for the four nominated documentary's, this is a much needed leg up for all of them (except perhaps The Cove which doesn't need a leg up) as they are all on the shortlist for Oscar. The mostly ignored Burma VJ, Sergio, and Soundtrack for a Revolution now have a key precursor nomination under their belts, making the race for those remaining four Oscar slots a bit tighter.


Tom said...

I predict "Up" will be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. I can see it being among the ten nominees.

The Oscar Nazi said...

In a perfect world, Tom.

It absolutely belongs in the Best Picture lineup, but my faith in the Academy wears thinner each year.