Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoguhts on the BAFTA nominees

I really dig their Best Picture lineup. Even though it mostly conforms to the five frontrunners of the season, it replaces the overrated Inglourious Basterds with the much better An Education (unsurprising, really). I'm glad to see Lone Scherfig earn a Best Director nomination as well.

Other nominees that I'm thrilled to see pop here include Alfred Molina in Supporting Actor (finally!), Let the Right One In in Foreign Film (one of last year's best movies), Harry Potter in Visual FX and especially Production Design, and most of all, The Road in Cinematography! Could it be the one that replaces one of the ASC nominees on the Oscar lineup? Fingers crossed!

Some notable omissions: No Sandra Bullock. No Invictus. Good for you, BAFT! But don't read too much into it. Neither film has been released across the pond yet, so their exclusions are completely expected. Still, if it frees up a win for Streep or Mulligan, I'm happy. I'm less pleased about the near shut out for Nine, which deserved some love in the craft categories. The lack of attention for Bright Star and Fish Tank are disappointing, and were the hell is District 9 in Makeup? Tisk tisk, BAFT!

But what does this all mean in terms of the Oscars? There is a non-negligible crossover between BAFT and AMPAS, so surprises in any of the top categories will be worth noting. These nominations all but assure me now of a Best Picture Oscar nod for District 9 (maybe even a Director nod), while they also provide me with more reason to drop Nine from my own predix (but for what else?).


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Lovely to see Molina indeed, but alas no Rosamund Pike. aaargh. If Carey doesn't at least win this, I'll be so annoyed.

The Oscar Nazi said...

Indeed. I too would like to see her take home at least one big win this season.