Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bigelow, Psihoyos win DGA!

The Hurt Locker now has the momentum heading into nominations day, having pulled off huge upset at the PGA over Avatar, and now having trumped it once again with the directors guild (albeit less surprisingly).

Is it safe to assume The Hurt Locker has Best Picture sewn up then? Not yet. While Bigelow's win for Director seems more likely now, especially since that category is not decided by a preferential ballot and simply more people will vote for her, it is still vulnerable in Best Picture. By the time final Oscar ballots are mailed out, Avatar will be shattering Titanic's box office record, and a slew of victories from the craft guilds will once again give Cameron's film the momentum. The big indicator will be the ACE Eddie awards on February 14th. If Bigelow's film triumphs there as well, then I think it's much safer.

In the Documentary category, Louie Psihoyos rightfully claimed his hard-earned win for his extraordinary film The Cove, bringing him one step closer to his Oscar.

Personally, I think the choices of the PGA and DGA have been right on the money. Let's hope the other guilds can keep it up.

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