Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Predictions - December 2009

This is the last blind stab I get. By the end of the month many critics groups will have announced their year-end superlatives and we'll have nominations for the Globes and BFCA. The picture will soon become clear. Just a few tweaks:

-Lee Daniels added to Director.
-Jeff Bridges leaps into the frontrunner spot for Crazy Heart. Stanley Tucci returns to Supporting Actor and Susan Sorandon to Supporting Actress.
-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs makes its way into Best Animated Feature.
-The Fantastic Mr. Fox shows up in Original Score, and Crazy Heart in Original Song.
-Predictions for Documentary, Foreign Film, Animated Short, and Documentary Short are now up.


Tom said...

Don't you think Disney's A Christmas Carol will be nominated for Best Animated Feature? Instead of "...Meatballs", which was terrible by the way.

The Oscar Nazi said...

I'm not convinced the Animation branch is too keen on Zemekis' process, plus 4 Annie nominations for "...Meatballs" suggests that those in the industry didn't think it was THAT terrible.