Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AMPAS releases doc shortlist

Press release here. 15 titles vie for 5 Best Documentary nominations, including what is still (for me at least) the best movie of the year, The Cove. The documentary branch is not as problematic as other specialty branches (cough-ForeignFilmBranch-cough!), but thay have been known to make some quirky decisions. I remain confident that they won't miss the boat on The Cove.

Agnes Varda The Beaches of Agnes

Anders Ostergaard Burma VJ

Mark Monroe, Paula DuPre Pesman, Fisher Stevens The Cove

James D. Stern, Adam Del Deo Every Little Step

Pete McCormack Facing Ali

Robert Kenner, Elise Pearlstein Food, Inc.

Mai Iskander Garbage Dreams

Mark N. Hopkins The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

Andrew Thompson, Lucy Bailey
Mugabe and the White African

Greg Baker Sergio
Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman Soundtrack for a Revolution

Andy Abrahams Wilson Under Our Skin

Matt Tyrnauer Valentino The Last Emperor

Rabecca Cammisa Which Way Home

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