Friday, October 30, 2009

Review - Amelia

Amelia is a movie that left me in tears. Not in a good way though. These were tears of boredom. Amelia does not fly. This painfully by-the-book biopic tries to keep fresh by using the old flashback/flash-forward structure we've seen soooooo many times before, and the result is unsurprisingly a dull ride. Even the “cloudy” transitions between chronologies quickly become stale and repetitive. Shame on writer/producer Ronald Bass for his lazily-paced “plot” and cringe-inducing dialogue (ie: “We can't finance your flying unless we make enough money to finance your flying.”) No shit, Sherlock.

Despite the participation of some very talented actors, every performance comes across as a stilted and failed attempt at melodrama (Hilary Swank was extra obnoxious due to her sickeningly sappy voiceovers). Speaking of melodrama, someone should have told composer Gabriel Yared to tone it down. His score is overzealous and way too ubiquitous.

If this gets a single Oscar nomination I'll blow a gasket, but never put it past the Academy to make a disgusting decision. I'm taking Amelia off the sidebar, but I still feel nervous about it sneaking in somewhere it doesn't belong.

* out of ****

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