Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Predictions - September 2009

This is the last update before TIFF (at which I will be seeing some titles), so it’s still wild speculation for now. We will have a more educated idea after September. For now, here are the major changes to the sidebar predictions:

-Up in the Air replaces Public Enemies in Picture and Actor, and replaces Nine in Adapted Screenplay.
-With the news that Shutter Island has been banished to 2010, Amelia slides into Film Editing and Tree of Life (now back in 2009 from a tentative 2010 release) moves into Cinematography.
-Because I’m a wishful thinker, I’ve put Where the Wild Things Are and Inglorious Basterds into Cinematography as well (but it’s also because I’m losing faith in the chances of Amelia and The Hurt Locker in this category).
-I’ve thrown in a couple of extra Original Song contenders: “100 Percent” from Precious and “All I Love” from Where the Wild Things Are.
-I think they’ll want to reward District 9 somewhere, so I’ve added it to Sound Editing at the expense of Up.

I know August was a quiet month, but things promise to pick up once TIFF gets underway. I can hardly wait!

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