Saturday, August 1, 2009

Predictions - August 2009

Check the sidebar. Here are changes of note:

-I’m not feeling confident about Public Enemies. It just seems to have been largely forgotten already, thus I am dropping it from Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Score, and both Sound categories. I’d drop it from Picture too, but I’m waiting for a stronger contender to emerge (this summer has not been particularly replete with Oscar hopefuls).
-Having finally seen The Hurt Locker, it now shows up in Lead Actor (Jeremy Renner), Supporting Actor (Anthony Mackie), Cinematography, and both Sound categories.
-Meryl Streep transfers over to Lead Actress for Julie & Julia, replacing Penelope Cruz. Taking her place in Supporting Actress is… Penelope Cruz (for Nine). Hugh Dancy makes an appearance in Lead Actor for Adam.
-Peter Jackson moves into a Best Director slot for The Lovely Bones.
-Animated Feature has been expanded to include Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox.
-Nine moves back into Adapted Screenplay.
-Not much more movement other than Avatar and Bright Star slide into Original Score, and Amelia pops up in Makeup since The Wolf Man has been bumped to 2010 – bummer.

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