Monday, April 6, 2009

"One Category at a Time" - Best Makeup

Just a quickie today. The nominees for next year's Academy Awards will undoubtedly be ;)

-The Wolf Man, lead by makeup guru Rick Baker. This man is a legend for having basically birthed the award for Best Makeup when his extraordinary work on the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London made it clear to the Academy that this field aught to have its own category. It'll be great to see what new tricks Baker has up his sleeve for this picture, since werewolves give makeup designers an excellent opportunity to show off their mad skills.

-Amelia, simply because there are so many biopics this year, at least one of them's got to be nominated. It could just as easily be any of the others ones, but I'll go out on the wing for the film that will transform Hilary Swank into aviation icon Amelia Airhart, and possibly offer some solid aging work.

-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which is mostly guess work. This may be too surreal (or too Gilliam) for the Academy in general, but the makeup branch has never been averse to unusual (or downright bad) movies before, so a nomination may not be such a stretch.

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RC said...

great predictions.

I could see "Nine" sneaking in