Saturday, March 28, 2009

"One Category at a Time": Best Supporting Actor

After Heath Ledger's now-legendary performance as the Joker devoured the competition in last year's Supporting Actor race, the field for this year's seems a little barren. This could give some overdue actors a shot at some Oscar love.

I'm personally in Billy Crudup's corner. This hard-working actor deserved a nomination for Almost Famous, but was probably not well known enough. This year he gets to shine in an Oscar-friendly role as J. Edgar Hoover in Michael Mann's Public Enemies. Other players from that film (Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi) could also make a run, but it's unlikely more than one will be nominated.

Another well-respected thespian who could be in play is Alfred Molina (Dr. Octopus for the Spiderman fans) who is already receiving good word for his work in Lone Scherfig's An Education. The film openned to acclaim at Sundance where it won the audience award. If the hype can be sustained, keep your eye on Molina, and perhaps even Peter Sargaard if he isn't a lead.

If you're looking for a couple of more comic performances to make it in (there's usually only one), then you may consider Richard Kind for the Coen's new comedy A Serious Man, where he plays an inept man who ruins his brother's life and marraige. Funny stuff, right? Only from the Coens! Kind was hilarious on the TV sitcom Spin City, and I've been anxious to see him in something new for a long time.

Speaking of comedy, any of the supporting actors from Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock could get some attention, be it Emile Hirsch, Jonothan Groff, Paul Dano, or someone else. A movie like this has the benefit of being classified as a comedy as well as carrying some prestige value because of the director, so if one of the ensemble guys sticks out, he could be up for a nomination.

Other contenders include Matt Damon for Eastwood's Nelson Mandela film, Mark Ruffalo for Scorsese's Shutter Island, Ewan McGregor for Amelia, maybe even Jude Law for Sherlock Holmes. Of course all of these predictions are wild guesses. take with many grains of salt.

Predicted Five:
Billy Crudup - Public Enemies
Emile Hirsch - Taking Woodstock
Richard Kind - A Serious Man
Alfred Molina - An Education
Mark Ruffalo - Shutter Island


Anonymous said...

Channning Tatum will never get nominated, he's in it for 30 seconds, runs off and gets shot at the start of the movie. Stephen Graham is more likely to be nominated

The Oscar Nazi said...

Hence my disclaimer about "wild guesses"! :)