Thursday, February 5, 2009

"One Category at a Time" - Best Original Song

I don't know why it still surprises me, but every year the Academy's music branch manage to make complete asses of themselves, often lavishing more attention on film's that deserve less, or completely overlooking films that deserve more.

The unforgivable snub du jour is Bruce Springsteen, whose title track from The Wrestler I was sure would win. I should have known better than to trust the music branch.

I can stomach one nomination for Slumdog Millionaire, but two? Unneeded. The songs didn't really add that much to the film as did the soundtrack as a whole, which is why Rahman's nomination in Original Score is deserved. An additional two for Song is overkill.

The only nominee with any real claim to this award now is Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth" from WALL-E, which smartly and poignantly continued the narrative alongside the beautifully animated end credit sequence.

If recent years have taught us anything, it's that multiple nominations in this category aren't necessarily a good thing, and hopefully the two songs from Slumdog will cancel eachother out allowing Gabriel (and Thomas Newman, yay!) to earn their rightful win.

Will win: "Down to Earth" - WALL-E
Should win: "Down to Earth" - WALL-E

If I were in charge:
"The Wrestler" - The Wrestler

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