Thursday, February 12, 2009


I simply had to link to this interview between Sasha Stone of AwardsDaily and Andrew Stanton, the writer/director of WALL-E, the single best motion picture of 2008. It's a lengthy piece that examines Stanton's inspiration for story and characters, and I think it's the best film/awards-related article I've read all season.

As wonderful as it is to read such a thorough and insightful piece on the year's best movie, it is bittersweet in regard to the Oscars. On nomination day I was more bothered with The Dark Knight's unexpected snub, but after reading this article it's finally hit home just how tragic it is that WALL-E was not included in the Best Picture race. Of all the film's released this year, none of them moved, entertained, or captured the state of the nation (and the world) as poignantly and affectingly as WALL-E. Years down the road, this one will be a classic.

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