Monday, January 26, 2009

The Reader - Review

Best picture nominee? Really?

The Reader (aka: How to Earn an Oscar Nomination That Doesn't Belong to You) is the epitome of December awards bait. Unrelentingly pretentious in its content and form, it looks like something from the 1990's that got lost on its way home and ended up in 2008. Not that it doesn't have its strong links. It's superbly acted by the phenomenal Kate Winslet (when is she not?), Ralph Feinnes, and relevatory newcomer David Kross, who bares all with Winslet in the film's steamier scenes. But even gratuitous sex with the world's finest actress isn't enough to save this self-indulgent formula.

Five nominations is more than I'd have given it (one would be more than I'd have given it), except perhaps consideration for Ralph Feinnes. I'm glad Winslet has the Oscar sewn up this year, but it's for the WRONG FILM! ARGH! Damn that Weinstein.

**1/2 out of ****

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