Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"One Category at a Time" - Best Art Direction

Alright, enough of those lousy "major" awards for now. Time to move on to my precious craft categories!

The shortlist for art direction is pretty respectable this year. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Changeling, and The Dark Knight are all more-than-deserving nominees for their outstanding production design (the inclusion of The Dark Knight being a very pleasant surprise given that it isn't what typically turns up in this category).

Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, Ralph Eggleston was not nominated for his eye-popping design of the futuristic dystopia in WALL-E, nor Catherine Martin whose sets for Australia had a character of their own. Replacing these two shoulda-been nominees are Revolutionary Road and The Duchess. While I consider Revolutionary Road a welcome inclusion for its sets and locations that brilliantly mirror the thematic undercurrent of each scene, I have to disagree with The Duchess, whose sets were predictabley lavish and yet did nothing for me.

It's a moot point any way, becasue The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will win this in a walk, as well it should, for Donald Graham Burt's beautifully-coloured setpieces (equal credit to DP Claudio Miranda).

Will win: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Should win: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

If I was in charge:

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