Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Review

Just got back from Benjamin Button, and David Fincher's latest is an interesting movie.

Aesthetically speaking, it's an impressive piece of work. Donald Graham Burt’s production design combined with Claudio Miranda’s photography is a sight to behold, where each shot of Benjamin’s distant past is soaked in rich golds and browns, that gradually fade away to reveal cool contemporary blues later in the film. Mention must also be made to the groundbreaking visual effects which are subtle yet effective, and kudos to Alexandre Desplat for his beautiful score. However, the movie is a bit too long, and fails to be genuinely moving. While there is an appeal to Fincher’s non-sentimental style, one leaves the theatre wishing there had been a more emotionally satisfying ending.

The picture's craftspeople, including those mentioned above, are all ripe for Oscar nods, and nominations for picture, director, and screenplay are also likely (among others). I'm personally hoping for Desplat to win for what is (without a doubt) the best score of the year, but beyond that, I find it hard to work up any passion in support of the film. I was slightly underwhelmed, but it's still a deserving movie.

*** out of ****

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