Monday, July 28, 2008

Predictions Update – July 2008

-I’m in a happy-go-lucky mood, so I’ve put Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky into picture, director, actress, and original screenplay. Something needs to fill that lone indie comedy spot in the BP lineup, and this may be the one to do it.
-The Dark Knight’s massive reception has persuaded me to put it into sound mixing, sound editing, and visual effects. I have, however, removed it from makeup, and I hesitate to put it into editing, score, art direction, director, and best picture just yet (I’ll churn out a more detailed post on the film’s chances in every category later this week).
-I’ve put Michael Sheen in leading actor for Frost/Nixon, and replaced him with Kodi-Smit McPhee for The Road. I’ve also added Robert Downey Jr. to the supporting actor mix for The Soloist, and Viggo Mortenson to leading actor for The Road.
-Some new buzz is mounting for Emma Thompson in Brideshead Revisited and Meliassa Reo in Frozen River, so I’m gonna jot them down before the hype disappears (aren’t I fickle!).
-I’ve finally gotten around to listing some documentary contenders (although more will certainly pop up before the year is out).
-A couple more craft noms for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; costume and score.

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