Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Catrgory at a Time - Part 15 - Sound Mixing

I've been putting off this category for some time because Kevin O'Connell's recent 20th loss (to the respectable yet inferior sound mixing of The Bourne Ultimatum) has just made it too painful to think about sound mixing. He had better win it one day! I'll freak out if they have to resort to a Lifetime Achievement Award when he's retired (interesting question: Has a sound mixer ever received a Lifetime Achievement from the Academy?).
Anywho, O'Connell doesn't appear to have any serious contenders slated for 2008, but here are what I think will make some noise:

Defiance (Petur Hliddal, ???, ???)
Not much word on the sound team for this project yet, except for production sound mixer Petur Hliddal, nominated twice for Batman Forever and The Aviator. I'm still confident (for now) that Defiance is a safe bet to receive a sound mixing nomination, given that a number of Edward Zwick's films have done so (Glory, Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond).

WALL-E (???, ???, ???)
I have no idea who's mixing the sound for this promising flic, but they'll be the envy of sound mixers everywhere! Sound editor Ben Burtt (of Star Wars fame) has surely given them a whole pile of creative and unique sounds to work with, and it's common for films with terrific sound editing to garner nominations in both sound categories.

Iron Man (Christopher Boyes, Mark Ulano, ???)
As with sound editing, the sheer loudness of this film is likely all it will need for the nomination. If that's the case, look for Christopher Boyes to double dip with nominations in both sound categories. However, if the Academy just isn't hearing it, Iron Man will get nuttin'. It's a double or nothing deal when it comes to these movies.
Prince Caspian (Tony Johnson, ???, ???)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe grabbed a sound mixing nomination in 2005 for meshing together all manner of war cries and animal/creature sounds. Lead once again by Tony Johnson (and who knows who else?), Prince Caspian seems like a decent pick at this early stage of the game. It won't have to compete with a summer full of threequels or any musicals (Mamma Mia? Not likely), so expect the sound team to get some attention.

Appaloosa (John Pritchett, ???, ???)
Two-time nominee John Pritchett (Road to Perdition, Memoirs of a Geisha) is so far the only name attached to this project I can find, but that doesn't deter me from predicting Appaloosa for a nod. 3:10 to Yuma managed a nomination here, and I see no reason why Appaloosa can't follow suit. Gunshots and galloping hooves abound! The Ed Harris fan in me hopes for a strong box office showing. That can only help the movie's cause.

What do you think? Anything I aught to have included?
Next, best film editing.

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