Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Category at a Time - Part 16 - Film Editing

I've saved this one 'til now because I think it's the most important of the craft categories. Let's cut right to it, shall we:

Appaloosa (Kathryn Himoff)
I think that perhaps the reason I haven't been predicting much for Ed Harris' Appaloosa is because I don't want to jinx it. I am, after all, a HUGE fan of Ed Harris, and want nothing more than for him to succeed. Thus, I've been shying away from guessing major nominations for the upcoming western, even though I know it's as strong a contender as any. Still, I think nominations in film editing (among other craft categories) is not a stretch at this stage in the game.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Kirk Baxter, Angus Wall)
I have no logical, scientific rational for picking this one. Call it intuition. I just feel that this movie could have a very big showing across the board. When that happens for a movie, it tends to include a nomination for film editing. Piecing together the moments of Benjamin Button's curious life will be members of Fincher's editing team for Zodiac, Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter. Again: no real reason for this pick. I just have that feeling.

Defiance (Steven Rosenblum)
Three-time nominee Steven Rosenblum (Glory, Braveheart, Blood Diamond) is a long-time collaborator with Edward Zwick, and a very plausible candidate for another nomination for cutting Zwick's latest endeavor, Defiance. Zwick, with his gritty and intense style of film-making, has a knack for getting his craftsmen/craftswomen noticed, and this upcoming WWII drama should resonate with the Academy's older memebers.

Australia (Dody Dorn)
Don't count out Oscar nominee Dody Dorn (Momento) whose credits in film making are all over the place! Producer, music supervisor, actor, sound editor, production assistant, and of course, film editor. She'll slice and dice and reassemble Baz Luhrmann's epic picture about a man and women who make the dangerous trek across the Australian outback only to encounter the attack on Darwin by the Japanese during WWII.

Body of Lies (Pietro Scalia)
Pietro Scalia, the two-time Oscar winning editor of JFK (the greatest achievement in film editing ever, if you ask me), will do the celluloid splicing for Ridley Scott's latest thriller, Body of Lies. Scott's films are always well edited. His 1979 masterpiece Alien is one of the most frightening films ever due to its suspense-building pace. Blade Runner provided the perfect marriage of classic film noir editing styles and modern action-based cutting. Black Hawk Down drew you in completely with its quick cuts and ever-changing POV. I consider any film by Scott to be a contender for best film editing every year.

Tell me which contenders made your cut.

I've just realized that my current predictions for director and picture match up 100 %. So rather than write two redundant articles, I will post a feature column tomorrow encompassing both categories. I'm not going to bother predicting original song, documentary, foreign language film, or the shorts at this time. There's just no point.

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