Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Category at a Time - Part 13 - Makeup

Here is the makeup list I decided to make up (get it? “Make up”? I decided to “make up” a list about “makeup”. Get it? See, it's a play on words... it's a... it's... Oh, never mind!):

Prince Caspian (Howard Berger, Paul Engelen)
Howard Berger, the Oscar-winning artist of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, will once again create the faces of the mythical creatures of Narnia. This time, he's joined by veteran makeup artist and two-time nominee Paul Engelen (Greystoke: The Lenegnd of Tarzan, Frankenstein). As was the case with The Lord of the Rings and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchises, I don't think having a previous film in the series nominated or winning in this category will hurt Prince Caspian's chances. In fact, it's a good sign. The danger is if the previous films in the series didn't get nominated (ie: the Harry Potter series, whose makeup wizards have yet to garner a single nomination).

The Dark Knight (Conor O'Sullivan, Peter Robb-King)
Previous nominees Peter-Robb King (Legend) and Conor O'Sullivan (Saving Private Ryan) have developed a creepy new look for The Joker, one much less clownish than the design Jack Nicholson donned in the original Batman in 1989. Instead of the obvious latex grin that was plastered on Nicholson's face, Ledger's smile is formed by two gruesome scars on either side of his mouth. His eyes blackened. The colouring of his skin smeared and uneven. Scary. But a lot of this will depend on Ledger's performance. If the Academy embraces Ledger this year, the makeup artists will follow (à la Marion Cotillard and the makeup artists for La Vie en Rose).

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Greg Cannom, Miles Teves)
Two-time Oscar winning makeup guru Greg Cannom (Dracula, Mrs. Doubtfire) will work his aging wonders on not only Brad Pitt, but the entire cast of the film. The only twist is that Pitt's aging will work backwards while everyone else's goes forward. This gimmick will likely make the effects of the aging makeup stand out even more than they would otherwise, and will be crucial in the telling of the story. I can see this getting nominated even if the Academy poo-poo's the movie as a whole (like they have to all of David Fincher's works).

Have I missed anything? Tell me.

Coming up, best leading actor.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Oscar Nazi, Just thought you might want to consider HellboyII: The Golden Army as a serious contender for the Makeup category. If the award goes to inventiveness and truly astounding transformations, then tis is the clear forerunner!