Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christopher Nolan on the Job

David Halbfinder of The NY Times takes a close look at Christopher Nolan, director of this summer's The Dark Knight. The article examines Nolan's transition from indie auteur to blockbuster visionary, as well as his style of movie making:
"... Mr. Nolan, 37, has barely changed his approach to filmmaking since his 2000 indie-smash “Memento,” the film noir in reverse starring Guy Pearce that Mr. Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, dreamed up, and Christopher Nolan made for $5 million. “A movie is a movie,” he says. So he’s still scribbling new dialogue on the set, improvising camera moves as he goes, letting his actors decide when it’s time to move on and otherwise racing through each day as if his money might run out. It’s just that his jazz combo of a crew has mushroomed into a philharmonic — with whole new sections of prosthetics artists, special-effects wizards and so on."
Give this article a look. It's worth the read.

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